Welcome to the Home of the Thompson Technique Foundation

This has been a dream of Dr. J. Clay Thompson’s and then my own following his passing in 1996, to offer the technique and advancements to the profession in a fashion that makes it readily available and easy to understand to anyone interested in finding out more about the terminal point technique and its benefits to patients and doctors alike.

We now have an opportunity to participate in continued research, ongoing technique development and shared information between colleagues, that will make the technique more universally understood, more widely accepted and better documented. There will now be continuity for seminar certifications, instructor certifications, college and seminar teaching programs all based on the technique as taught by Dr. J. Clay Thompson himself. We are excited to bring practitioners back to the Thompson Technique fold, where they will be able to share their knowledge and skills in a way that has never been available before.

Join the team and add your name to the doctor locator list through our

IT specialist, Zach Pomeroy, here at the foundation. His e-mail address is: zachp@backtalksystems.com. Just provide the information regarding your certification along with copies or documentation for accuracy.

If you do not have any documentation, you can take the certification exam at any upcoming seminar and become active as soon as this is completed with a passing grade of 80% or higher. We look forward to you joining the team as we move this great technique forward.