About The Foundation

Dr. Robert D. Jackson, a pupil of J. Clay Thompson for the last 15 years of his teaching career, is now the world’s leading certified instructor of the Thompson Trigger Point Technique. ┬áDr. Jackson’s instructor certification in 1981 has allowed him to explore and experience the chiropractic field both in North America and internationally.

This knowledge and teaching experience has become the principal drive behind continuing research and education aimed at furthering the advance of the Thompson Terminal Point Technique. The Thompson Technique Foundation is a vehicle for gathering and sharing information about the technique. Here, doctors of the technique are invited to join the Practice Locator, a resource for both patients and doctors with interest in locating a local or more advanced provider of the technique along with a biography, CV and web site address and or contact information.

Other services include listings of Thompson Technique seminars and products or services. We are currently featuring the new Thompson Terminal Point Technique DVD Set presented by Dr. Robert Jackson. With sponsors like HESSCO, Lloyd Table Company, Foot Levelers Inc., Williams Healthcare Systems and Back Talk Systems Inc., all working with the foundation to offer equipment and supportive seminars or products, the site is constantly changing and updating to offer the latest resources and information available.